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Solar Roofs

The dynamic development of ERA Energy has expanded in the area of ​​small-scale PV systems on residential roofs or terraces under the special program for the development of PV installations in buildings with nominal power less than 10kWp. Through this program, financial incentives are provided in the form of reinforcing every solar kilowatt-hour produced, so that the domestic consumer or a small business will be able to have a quick investment pay-off and a reasonable profit for the energy and environmental services provided to the national electric network.

In this way, the owner is a direct producer of electricity and is paid for every kilowatt-hour produced, paying no tax on the sale of the electric energy to the Public Power Corporation (PPC). The only admission prerequisites for the participation in the specific program are the following:

  1. The interested party should be the owner of the residence at which he aims to install the PV system
  2. There should be a PPC meter on its name
  3. A solar water heater should be installed or a part of the heating needs of the building for hot water should be in general covered using RES, when the property is used for residence


In terms of the above program, ERA Energy undertakes in particular:

  • Licensing process
  • Provision of project financing packages with favorable interest rates and fast bank approval
  • Integrated design, procurement and construction using reliable product equipment
  • Certified installation according to ISO 9001 with certified equipment
  • 10-year project guarantee, ensuring the proper plant operation