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Solar Parks

In collaboration with its experienced and technically qualified engineers, ERA Energy undertakes and is specialized in the integrated design and construction of grid-connected PV systems, focusing on the premium technical planning and procurement of certified equipment in order to increase efficiency.

In the initial phase, the technical team of ERA Energy implements a techno-economic evaluation of the field and the unique characteristics of the plant location through shading analysis using the appropriate simulation software. Then, the company proceeds with system sizing and design of the optimal solution for the maximization of energy production. An expert electrical engineer is responsible for the supervision of the construction works of the installation crews. The construction process always complies with the project quality manual according to ISO, while all required safety standards are adhered. In addition, the company insures each project during the construction stage through an insurance coverage package against all risks, for employer liability, liability for third parties and other specialized coverages for the specific object.

Upon project completion and signature of the Delivery Protocol, ERA Energy delivers the investor all the measurements conducted at all electrical connections with specific tools / machines, flash reports of PV modules, and as built drawings.