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Solar EV-Stations

Many countries are already taking critical measures to innovate on automotive technology, developing mobility solutions that could reduce their dependence on fossil fuels and utilize a cheaper and cleaner energy source instead – electricity.

Over the next few years, e-mobility innovation and prototyping are expected to become more prevalent across the world. Major car manufacturers are already intensifying their R&D in this area, racing to be the first to introduce the latest e-mobility applications. Accordingly, the impact on related industries, such as power companies and component suppliers in battery technology, will also be significant in the light of the shift in demand and requirements.

E-mobility solutions are becoming increasingly attractive in comparison with gasoline cars for several reasons. To begin with, the energy efficiency of an electrically-powered vehicle is almost twice that of one using a combustion engine. Besides, with more wind farms and solar power plants being initiated to provide an increasing energy grid of clean and sustainable energy, e-mobility innovation can contribute considerably to reducing carbon emissions (“footprint”) and support environmental protection. In addition, with rising petrol prices and the demand for fast and more efficient cars, even those not necessarily concerned about the environment are attracted to the option of driving cars that are cheaper, lower in maintenance and safer to drive.

In terms of this e-mobility revolution, ERA ENERGY has established ERA E-Mobility in order to deliver integrated EV-charging stations to its customers, more specifically:

  • Solar Power Stations
  • Hybrid Power Stations (combination of wind and solar power)