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ERA ENERGY will support as a sponsor the effort of the Olympus Festival Agency for the successful implementation of the 41st Olympus Festival.

The decision was announced by Mr. Aristeidis Nikas, President / CEO of ERA Energy, to the President of the Board of OR.FE.O., Mr. Gregory Papachristos, during an event for the presentation of the program of the 41st Olympus Festival.

Among others, Mr. Nikas said: "For the first time since the establishment of the company, and despite the adverse economic conditions in the country, we decided to participate in the great effort made by the management of OR.FE.O. for the promotion of culture through the conduct of the 41st festival Olympus, which we believe that will be one of the most successful ones in the recent years, since this festival program is full of high-quality events. We hope that our effort will find more imitators, as it is the only way to highlight again the culture as a life motivation for young and old people. We are especially delighted that the Board of OR.FE.O. attempts in recent years to incorporate in the Festival's program even more events from the local communities of the three municipalities of the prefecture of Pieria, demonstrating that the cell of culture in our country is still alive. "


ERA Energy, recognizing its role in the modern institution of sponsorship, proceeded with a partnership with OR.FE.O. through actions that aim to address cultural, social and other issues, proving thereby that the purpose of sponsorship from ancient Greece still remains of high significance.