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EV Stations Management

Interest in EVs is growing rapidly, while advances in technology that are making EVs and plug-ins increasingly practical start to be adopted.

In order to support and promote the establishment of EVs there is a need for the deployment of charging station infrastructure. ERA e-mobility offers complete packages of EV stations including the full range of electrical products required. Apart from the equipment procurement, the company undertakes also operation and maintenance services through the integrated management (monitoring, servicing, repair) of the entire system and network.

The company provides specifically the following services:

  • Evaluation of the suitability of EV charging stations for private or commercial sector
  • Cost-effective deployment of EV charging stations in shopping centers, office parks, apartment complexes etc
  • Project management from start to finish
  • Continuous guidance on operational requirements
  • Advanced training provision in order to increase organizational knowledge of the structure, benefits and status of the EV market