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Solar Thermal

ERA ENERGY is dynamically expanding its activities in the field of solar thermal applications.

The use of solar thermal (thermosiphonic or central) systems allows the direct utilization of solar energy for the production of hot water. Furthermore, the central systems offer also the possibility of space heating. The required equipment consists of solar collectors (usually the total collector surface should be 3 to 4 times larger than that required for just hot water production) and one or more tanks of the appropriate storage capacity. The efficient use of solar energy is ideally combined with underfloor heating and the use of fan coils, and it is not suggested in cases where conventional heating systems are used. More specifically, it is usual to reinforce residences with underfloor heating, because through an optimized system design and little additional investment, you can easily achieve savings of 30-50% of the required conventional energy as well as the corresponding environmental benefits. The benefits increase when there is the possibility of harnessing the energy produced by the solar collectors during the months that heating is not required (eg pool heating).

The aim of ERA Thermal is to provide integrated solutions for homes by undertaking the preliminary design, installation and maintenance of solar thermal systems with complete professionalism and professionalism through the provision of a wide range of products in order to meet its customer requirements. Its specialized team of engineers is equipped with advanced software programs for the development of the most efficient and economical solutions as well as the software regulation KENAK for a better building assessment.

Based on its expertise and experience in the field of energy utilization/saving and in terms of the corporate belief that the investment in solar thermal or PV systems is the only one which can be profitable at present, the ERA Group aims to contribute significantly to the increase of solar power participation in the national energy profile.